Malaysia’s Most Advanced Generator

  • Do you face occasional electricity blackouts at your home?
  • Do you have kitchen refrigerators that needs always be powered?
  • Do you want to cook and enjoy the air conditioning breeze while your neighborhood is still waiting for electricity to come back on?

If the answer is yes to the above, you need to get a Backup Generator Now!

Fully Automatic

Provides backup power automatically when there is a blackout.

No Action Needed During Emergency

The genset will start itself and shuts down automatically when blackout occurs and restores.

Beautifully Crafted

Gorgeous glossy paint coat with rust resistance. Easy to clean. Small in size, yet silent.

We Take into account every small detail

From the dashboard location & engine location, right up to the tiniest screw, we ensure it is installed properly.

Ease Of Mind

No more worrying about refrigerators, air conditioning, internet & lights when you get this.

Most Advanced Backup Generator In The Market

We constantly improve our generators over the years and you are getting the latest model.

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The Genset:

Clearly Labelled

Quality Doors

100% Of Our Customers Are Satisfied!

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Testimonials From Real Past Customers:

We bought 2 units of 15kVA MGM Generators to power up our villas. Was skeptical at first by the promises made. I took the leap of faith and purchased 2 units and was impressed and amazed that the generators can manage themselves by switching on and off every 12 hours per genset. Never seen before in my life and thank you.

Mats Ibsen, Bentong Villa Owner

Our company deals with electrical switchboards and are based in a construction site. We used MGM Generators to power up our cabin and some machineries. We recently bought 2 units of MGM Gensets and it worked well for us. The sockets were especially useful for our welding sets. Thanks!

Norhayati, Construction Site Company At Port Dickson

Drove all the way to Klang to view the 28kVA Genset which was advertised. Am impressed at their level of knowledge and automation. Never thought Malaysia has such generator which is fully automated.

Danny Lim, Bungallow Home Owner

Saya memerlukan sebuah genset yang boleh menampung load untuk server room saya kerana ia harus sentiasa berfungsi. Peter telah rekomen genset 15kVA MGM Generator kepada saya yang boleh auto-start sendiri. Saya menghargai support yang diberikan oleh mereka kerana mereka telah datang ke tempat saya 3 kali walaupun masalah yang saya hadapi berpunca daripada wiring saya sendiri. Mereka membantu kita bersama sama menarik kabel baru walaupun ini bukan skop kerja mereka. Terima kasih!

Musa, Server Room Cyberjaya

Got to know this generator from the villa next door to mine. Electricity in Sabah is unpredictable and we always face unscheduled electricity cuts. The 15kVA MGM Generator which I got certainly filled the electricity gaps for my customers. It was automatic and everything was built in so we saved in costs and it was easy to install because there was nothing else I needed to add.

David S, Kudat Villa Owner

Bought the 15kVA MGM Generator because was recommended by a villa nearby where they bought the previous generation 31kVA MGM Generator. Our new generator’s design looks beautiful and we don’t mind exposing it for others to view it. It’s clean, smokeless and runs quietly.

John B, Another Kudat Villa Owner

We needed to provide a backup system for our cold room as part of our SOP. The 15kVA MGM generator suited us perfectly because it provided automated backup built into its system. We didn’t need any messy wiring and additional distribution boards because even the transfer switch was built in. Good design.

Susan, Public Listed Company In Seremban