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The beauty of MGM Generators

Our generators are designed from scratch, taking into account every fine detail. The paint coat is high quality and withstands the heat and shine from the sun.

Simple & Safe To Use

The simplicity of operating a generator has never been simpler before. Starting a generator is done by just a push of two buttons.


MGM Generators come with an array of functions that enable anybody to operate it with ease. From a single screen you can find out all electrical parameters such as voltage, frequency, amperes, electricity being used and energy counter. It can also self test itself and turn on at any time of the day that you specify.

Easy & Safe To Use

The Generators are designed to have minimal human intervention. The user just needs to push the start button to activate the generator. For backup generator cases, the user do not need to do anything while the generator takes care of your home and office when there is a power outage.

Excellent Technical Support

FREE Phone Support for our users. Excellent warranty support for our products. Easy to self troubleshoot as well given the built in computer will let you know any known issues.

Easy Payment Method

Pricing wise, the MGM Generators are the most value for money generator around town. It includes a wide range of features built into it so you do not need to fork out extra money to install them seperately. Few of the notable features include: ATS, Sockets, Grounding Rod, Computer Controller, Sensors and more. Paypal & Credit Card accepted.

15kVA MGM Generator Introduction

The Most Reliable Controller. Meet The DSE Controller

Functionality at its finest

The brain of your generator which controls and regulates the health of the engine and the alternator. It starts the engine according to your schedule or command. It stops the engine whenever there is a fault. It tells you to release the emergency stop button when the button is pressed and you are trying to start the engine. It tells you the small details that you may forget.

This is the Deep Sea Electronics Controller.

Dear MGM Generatories,

Support for MGM Generators is FREE For Life. Any issues can be solved over the phone is Free.


This Is One Amazing Generator

It is suitable to be used in all applications whether as a backup generator or continuous prime running generator. Radiator can be easily washed to increase cooling efficiency and easy maintenance. We have them all figured out for you even to this detail. We’re specialists in this range of sizes, that’s why.

Connect it to An External Fuel Tank

Now, first of its kind, our latest MGM Generators come with an external fuel tank port which allows you to seamlessly connect to an external fuel tank. If the built in 12 hour tank is not enough, this feature will allow you to run it for more than 24 hours if you need it as a backup.

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A Fantastic Generator

One which has all the features you will ever need. Staying Compact, Economical & Stylish.

Featuring the Auto Start Technology according to your power needs at specific times of the days and at which days. Also featuring auto self-test tech which ensures your genset is always healthy.

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Choose Your Suitable Size

Our generators come in mainly 3 different sizes:

15kVA MGM Generator

30kVA MGM Generator

60kVA MGM Generator

Brand New Design

From Ground Up & From Scratch.

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Discover! You will love it.

Every fine detail of the generator is carefully checked to ensure an excellent build quality. Built according to English standards.

Customization Accessories For Your MGM Generator

Your MGM Generator is scalable, modifiable and modular.

NEW: Remote Monitoring

RM2800 – RM2300

New Feature Available From Our Labs! Now you can view your Genset via an included CCTV camera while starting, stopping your generator. You will also be able to monitor your genset health including RPM, temperature, Oil pressure, Fuel level and more. Useful for individuals and companies.
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Wheels Add-On/Trailer


Wheels can now be added to enable you to push your generator across short distances. Example of such uses would be to push into buildings from the outside and transferring the generator from one point to another. Very useful feature if you need to place the MGM Generators indoors.
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External Fuel Tank


Our latest MGM Generators can now be connected to an External Fuel tank that enables you to run for longer hours when needed. This makes the MGM Generators a versatile generator which is suited be used as a standby generator or a full running prime generator. It is robust and reliable.
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What Is An MGM Generator?

Remote Monitoring

Learn how remote monitoring can work for you.Start & stop your generator as you wish. Know the health of your generator. Anytime.

Watch It


Simple video on how our Automatic Transfer Switch work. All MGM Generators come standard with this feature. Automatic.

ATS Video

DSE Controller

Find out what Deep Sea Electronic Controllers are and what kind of information it provides. Takes care of your engine too. 

DSE Video

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Now, you can simply pay online by credit card or PayPal. This allows you to not have to pay cash upfront.

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